Spend Less Energy Finding theBest Electric Company

We’re here to help you read between the lines.

Shopping for an electricity plan?

Navigating the deregulated electricity market in Texas can be overwhelming because of the abundance of providers and plans. The search for the best rates may leave you feeling confused and skeptical about advertised prices.

But fear not! Utilities Now is here to assist you in unraveling this complex web of options to get a great price from the best electric provider.

You can make sense of it all. With a little help from Utilities Now.

Asterisks and conditions and terms, oh my!

Leave behind the frustration of sifting through endless rate comparison tools and deceptive ads. Utilities Now is dedicated to fairness and transparency in electricity service, recognizing its importance in your daily life and as a significant purchasing decision.

Our FREE assistance not only helps you find the most affordable electricity rates, but also ensures you understand them thoroughly. Put your trust in us to lead you toward an informed and confident choice.

We Know This Market Inside and Out

Utilities Now acts as an energy broker, bridging the gap between consumers and suppliers. In the deregulated Texas market, utility companies handle the physical infrastructure of electricity delivery, while the actual power comes from a variety of sources. Consumers have the freedom to select their preferred provider and plan. Given the vastness of Texas, the number of available choices is extensive.

Taking an informed approach is key to identifying the best options among the multitude. As a family-owned business with deep expertise and strong industry relationships in the Texas energy sector, Utilities Now is uniquely positioned to provide you with accurate information about energy plans and the providers who offer them.

Here’s How It Works

Step 1

To start, we listen to your budget goals and electricity preferences, including your interest in environmentally friendly options like solar energy, and prepaid plans. We consider all of these factors carefully.

Step 2

Next, we analyze and compare the current rates offered by different providers in your area. It's crucial to mention that these rates are subject to daily fluctuations, so we make sure to use the latest real-time data available.

Step 3

We proceed by thoroughly reviewing the provider contracts, carefully scrutinizing every disclaimer, line of fine print and potential hidden fees that might be concealed within them. This meticulous analysis enables us to pinpoint the most transparent information and value available.

Step 4

Based on our evaluation, we assign contract scores. Providers and plans that don’t offer the best value or transparency are eliminated from competition. Among the top contenders, we categorize them into levels of Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Step 5

Lastly, we present our scores, comparisons and rankings, simplifying the information to help you understand and choose the plan that aligns with your family’s needs and budget. Our objective is to assist you in making an informed decision that best suits you.